Fine Art Collections

A scene of time and place that was captured to give the you, the viewer,
pleasure, comfort, and maybe a little imagining. Printed in Black and White,
Color, and Antique styles, these pieces of Art largely feature Landscapes,
Nature, Flora, Barns, and even County Fairs. They have been created for a
special place in your house or office.
Schutzhund Collections

    SCHUTZHUND is a German word meaning "protection dog." Schutzhund
began as tests to find the proper dogs for herding, police, customs, and
military. As more people began to participate, it began to develop into
"hundesport," or dog sport.

    In these galleries, you will see all three phases of Schutzhund: tracking,
obedience, and protection.
    This sport is enjoyed by tens of thousands of people world-wide. It highlights
the trainer's ability to teach, the dog's ability to learn, and the great bond
between them.

There are occasions when people want to know about the Technical Side of a
photograph. They might want to know about where the spot is, was it difficult to
get to that spot, and one time better than another. In our blog, "Have Camera,
Will Travel," we can share the Mechanical AND the Practical for those who are
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